September 8-10 2017 Houston, Texas
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Facilitated by

  • Rhonda Gaughan
  • Debbie Holcomb
  • Julie Mandarino
  • What are “Shadow Types?” They are based on 12 innate, human traits that combine in innumerable ways to form each person’s unique personality, or profile. As part of this training, participants will be taking the Shadow Types survey to discover their own Shadow Types Profile. Participants will also receive a manual containing detailed descriptions of each Shadow Type. The training itself will utilize exercises, discussions, and visual aids to provide a clear understanding of the 12 Shadow Types, especially as they apply to each person’s own Profile. By taking this training, participants will gain insight into themselves, their loved ones and their colleagues. In addition, they will learn practical tips for handling the shadow side of each type.

    Course Fee: $475 per person if paid by August 1st. $525 after August 1st.

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    Click here to view event flyer